Agreement and privacy policy

Agreement and privacy policy

Freelway is a service with an app that helps connect individuals and companies who need goods transported with individuals and companies who have available space in their existing transportation and are willing to transport goods. Freelway is further described in Section 3. By registering a user profile on Freelway's website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. By registering, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older, or if you are 15-17 years old, that your guardian approves your acceptance of the agreement. If you register a user profile on behalf of a legal entity, you guarantee that you have the authority to represent that legal entity. Users enter into this agreement with Freelway AB (Freelway), which is a Swedish registered company with organization number: 5569-584872.

2. Definitions
User: The individual who has activated a user profile via Freelway's website Service or in the app Freelway: The service described in Section 3 of this agreement. Sender: A user who wants a transport to be carried out. Carrier: A user who has undertaken to perform a transport. Service Point: A location where goods transported through the Service can be received, stored, and delivered. Freelway's website: The website where the Service is provided. Freelway's app: The application through which the Service can be used.

3. The ServiceWith Freelway's app, the Sender can create a request for transportation between different locations. The request is sent to other Users in the relevant area. Users who operate a Service Point also have access to an administrative system built for the Service Point. Users can act as both Senders and Carriers.

4. Provision of the Service
Freelway shall ensure that the Service is available and functional. Users are aware of and accept that circumstances beyond Freelway's control may cause disruptions in the Service, and that circumstances such as maintenance, updates, and the like may cause temporary disruptions in the Service. Freelway is not responsible for any damage caused by interruptions or disturbances in the Service. Freelway shall ensure that errors in the Service are rectified within a reasonable time. Freelway may modify the Service if the use of the Service causes harm to Freelway or any third party. In such cases, Users shall be informed as soon as possible.

5. Rules for Use of the Service
Users may use the Service for their own use. This means that the User may not use the Service for transporting goods on behalf of a third party. A User who undertakes to perform a transport shall personally carry out the transport. If a Carrier is unable to carry out a transport they have committed to, they must immediately cancel the transport in Freelway's services. If contact has been made with the Sender, the Carrier must also immediately notify them. Users are responsible, for example, for ensuring that the use of the Service does not cause harm or inconvenience to Freelway or any third party, violates regulations or official regulations or decisions, or violates good practice. The Service may not be used for the purpose of transporting prohibited goods or for any other illegal purpose.

6. Users' Relationships with Each Other and Third Parties
Each User is solely responsible for their contacts with and actions towards other Users and third parties. When using the Service, Users must comply with agreed-upon arrangements regarding, for example, time and place for pick-up or drop-off and delivery of goods. In the event of obstacles, delays, and similar events, the relevant Users must immediately notify each other and work together to resolve the situation in the best possible way. Users must treat each other and third parties with respect when using the Service and strive to organize the transports in the best possible way.

7. Limitation of Liability
Freelway is not responsible for the actions, behavior, or negligence of Users or third parties in connection with the Service. Freelway is not liable for any damage, loss, or injury arising from the use of the Service. Users are responsible for their own actions and must exercise caution and good judgment when using the Service. Freelway is not liable for any disputes, disagreements, or conflicts that may arise between Users or between Users and third parties.

8. Intellectual Property Rights
The intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, and patents, related to the Service and its content belong to Freelway or its licensors. Users are not granted any rights or licenses to use the intellectual property rights without the prior written consent of Freelway or the respective rights holders.

9. Amendments to the Agreement
Freelway reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time. The amended agreement will be published on Freelway's website and will take effect from the date of publication. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the agreement to stay updated on any changes.

10. Processing of Personal Data and location data
Freelway collects and processes personal data of various categories, including contact information such as name, address, phone number, email, password, and, where applicable, a photograph. In some of Freelway's services, location data are used to facilitate the booking of taxi rides and carpooling, aiming to simplify the use of the services. As a driver of goods or as a taxi driver, your location is also displayed to customers in the background, even when the app is closed in order to provide customers with i.e delivery time.Transaction details, such as bookings and tickets, are also collected and processed.Case-related information includes details of your interactions with Freelway's customer service, support cases, complaints, and similar matters.Consent-related information includes your approval to receive newsletters and similar communications.We only process personal data about you that is necessary for our predefined purposes. All our processing of personal data is based on a legal basis as required by law.This policy does not cover data that does not personally identify you, such as aggregated anonymous data, IP addresses, operating systems, personal preferences, and similar information. We reserve the right to use non-individualized data at our discretion.Improvement of the service: We may process your personal data to develop and improve our services and those of our suppliers. This may include sending customer surveys and compiling support cases. Data is primarily processed on an aggregated level (i.e., not on an individual level) and used to compile statistics for analytical purposes.When using and purchasing services such as taxi rides and travel tickets through Freelway's platforms, you agree that third-party companies publishing their offers on Freelway's platforms may also have access to your personal data to perform their services and contact you for marketing purposes.

11. Termination
Users may terminate this agreement at any time by deleting their user profile on Freelway's website. Freelway reserves the right to terminate this agreement and suspend or terminate a User's access to the Service if the User violates the terms of this agreement or engages in any unlawful or harmful activities.

12. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved by the courts of Sweden.

13. Contact Information
If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance regarding the Service or this agreement, please contact Freelway at

14. Severability
If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

15. Entire Agreement
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the User and Freelway and supersedes any prior agreements, understandings, or representations, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this agreement.

16. Waiver
The failure of Freelway to enforce any provision of this agreement shall not be deemed as a waiver of such provision or the right to enforce it in the future

17. Assignment
Users may not assign or transfer their rights or obligations under this agreement without the prior written consent of Freelway. Freelway may assign or transfer this agreement, in whole or in part, without the User's consent.

18. Language
This agreement is prepared in both Swedish and English languages. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between the Swedish and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

19. Headings
The headings and section numbers in this agreement are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction of the agreement.

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